The Friends of the Aquatic Center want to enable all members of the community to be safe in the water. In this spirit, Friends of the  Aquatic Center have created a scholarship program to provide financial aid to assist economically challenged members of the community attend swim lessons offered at the Kingsport Aquatic Center. The following information outlines the program, eligibility requirements and obligations on the part of scholarship recipients.

Applicant Criteria

The applicant/household wishing to apply for a scholarship must currently receive one or more of the following benefits:

  1. Free or Reduced Price School Lunch Program; or
  2. Medicaid, SSI, TANF, WIC, Food Stamps or other public assistance programs

Kingsport Aquatic Center Advisory Committee members, Friends of the Aquatic Center board members, financial donors to the Kingsport Aquatic Center or the Friends of the Aquatic Center and their families are not eligible for scholarships, nor are donors who have contributed money to the Kingsport Aquatic Center or to the Friends of the Aquatic Center.

Extenuating Circumstances

There may be instances where an applicant is eligible for a swim lesson scholarship due to situations not adequately addressed by the above applicant criteria. This may include things such as a job loss, death, divorce, illness injury, etc.  If that is the case, please provide a detailed explanation and attach all supporting documentation (e.g., records, certificates, reports, 1040 tax form, paycheck stubs, etc.).

Application Process

  1. Swim lesson scholarship applications can be obtained via download below or from the Kingsport Aquatic Center reception desk.
  2. Applicants may be asked to provide the latest tax return filing or verification of SSI payments to verify financial need.
  3. The applicant must complete the scholarship application and return it with supporting documentation by postal mail to the address on the application
  4. Swim lesson scholarships will not exceed 50% of the cost of the swim lessons. If multiple children from the same family are requesting scholarships for the same session, a scholarship amount exceeding 50% may be awarded for additional children. This is at the discretion of the Friends of the Aquatic Center.
  5. All applications must be received three weeks prior to the start date of requested swim lesson session.

Scholarship Approval Process

  1. Fully completed applications will be reviewed by an internal committee of the Friends of the Aquatic Center.
  2. The committee will issue a decision approving or denying the applications.
  3. The committee may return the application to applicant for clarification or request additional documentation.
  4. The committee has the discretion to consider any additional information that it deems relevant to its decision.
  5. Scholarship funds are limited. When the allocated funds reach a 90% exhausted level, no additional scholarships will be awarded until the fund is replenished.
  6. Every reasonable effort will be made to protect the privacy of scholarship applicants.
  7. Scholarships will be awarded solely on the basis of financial need. There will be no special consideration given to athletic ability. Friends of the Aquatic Center will not discriminate on the basis of race, color ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex sexual orientation, marital status or age.
  8. Approved scholarships will be applied only to the session for which the scholarship was requested. Any future scholarship requests will require submission of a separate scholarship application.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

  1. Anyone receiving a scholarship and failing to use it prevents another applicant form having a scholarship. Scholarship recipients MUST attend all the classes for which the scholarship was approved. Failure to attend classes may result in termination of the scholarship and denial of future scholarships.
  2. Recipients and their family members are required to comply with all Kingsport Aquatic Center guidelines.
  3. Failure to comply with scholarship responsibilities may result in termination of the scholarship and denial of future scholarships.
  4. If there is a legitimate reason that a recipient is unable to attend classes, a written explanation must be submitted as soon as possible to the Friends of the Aquatic Center, along with necessary documentation (e.g., a doctor’s note).